New Ford Fiesta RS Seen Testing


Ford Fiesta RS It looks like Ford has plans to make more powerful versions of both the Focus ST and the Fiesta ST. The Focus RS has already been seen in testing and now some spy shots have been taken of the Fiesta RS doing some testing as well. The Ford Fiesta RS was seen with the Focus RS and they were both very camouflaged. However, it could still be seen that the front end was modified and the back had changed. It also had flared fenders which made it wider. However, many people are more excited to find out what is underneath the new bodywork. It is thought that it could be a version of Dearborn’s 1.6 litre Ecoboost engine capable of 250 horsepower which will have upgraded suspension and brakes. It is all speculation at the moment though. It has been debated as to whether the new car will have the all-wheel drive system or just have front wheel drive. It is impossible to tell at the moment and with still at least a year to go before it will be debuted, things could still change quite drastically.


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