New Ferrari Super car


new ferrari f430

Spy shots of new Ferrari Super car, passing the test in Fiorano track. It is noteworthy that a test sample may seem already produces a model F430, but this view is mistaken, because, despite the camouflage, and through the body to the brink of a test sample different.

new ferrari

It is anticipated that the test car can become heir model F430, and possibly a separate car, which will issue timed to 20 – anniversary of factories Fioravanti.

Judging from the photos, you can see that, in addition to the body lines were slightly altered front of the car, installed new head lamp light, as well as slightly modified the rear of the car.

It is still difficult to say when the debut of a new Ferrari, but most likely it will take place either later this or early next year.

ferrari new

new ferrari super car


  1. This car is ugly, Ferrari has to start making cars that rival Lambo.I know the Ferrari is a beter car,but it’s not ground breaking.Lambo always looks more exotic,won’t buy one though Ferrari fan through and through,


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