New Ferrari Hypercar Rumour


There have been a lot of spy shots of what is felt to be the new Supercar from Ferrari. This has often been referred to as the F150 and will be the successor of the Enzo which is the top of the range. There is still nothing conclusive to be said about the car, but there have been some very interetsings peculations made about it.
There has been an image published on the Facebook page belonging to Goldrush Rally. They have rendered an image which they claim is a sketch of the new car that was made at a presentation that they were invited to. This does seem rather odd as the car has been kept well away from the public eye and so to have it displayed, even at an invitation only event, may be a little suspicious.
However, there is a possibility that it could be right. From looking at the picture it does not look quite right, especially after comparing it to the photos that have been taken of the car when it was testing. The front wheel wells look too thin and the wheels look out of proportion especially compared to the spy videos seen previously. The door details do tie up though.
The picture looks like it was taken outside the Maranello Palace Hotel which is just down the road from the Ferrari factory, which does add some more evidence towards seeming like it is a genuine photo, but only time will tell whether the new Ferrari will look like this or not. It is a bit of fun though, working out whether it could be genuine or not and whether it is really a good image of what the new car might look like.


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