New Family Crossover – Nissan Qashqai Pictured


The Nissan Qashqui has been pictured testing in the UK.
This is the second generation model and was seen under heavy disguise and so there was not that much to reveal about what it might look like. It will be being built in Sunderland at the Nissan plant there from early next year and will be revealed at the end of this year. It is likely to be a more efficient and higher quality car than the current model.
There is very heavy disguise in this test car and so the style cannot be seen very much at all. However it is expected that it will take a lot of cues from the SUV concept cars that Nissan have recently produced. The 2013 Detroit Motor show was treated to a sporty crossover with headlights in a banana shaped cluster both front and back and so this could be a clue as to what might be expected.
It is also expected that the Nissan Juke may contribute some styling. Perhaps the prominent grille on the front or the defining shank creases or bulbous wheel arches. These would give it more appeal than the rather bland looking first generation model that did very little to impress when in the showroom.
Inside the car there will need to a lot improvements made on the original model. There are now much higher expectations on what should be inside even a first level car. From the pictures there are signs of some chrome inside which could make things look a bit brighter. It also looks like the touchscreen display may be bigger than the five inch one in the current model. The infotainment system will be based on apps which can be downloaded rather like those on a smart phone and stored in the car’s memory.
There are no plans to make a longer wheelbase version of the Qashqai. The seven seater Qashqai+2 is not planning on being updated with only a five seater being offered in the new range. This is probably partly because it will be cheaper for them to only make the one model. They will have a seven seater SUV in the form of the X-Trail SUV. This is a rather more expensive car and is due to be replaced in a years’ time, so they may be pointing SUV customers in that direction so they can encourage them to spend a bit more money.
It is possible that there may be a Nismo version though which will have the same sort of body kit as the Juke Nismo.


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