New Facelift for the Fiat 500


Fiat 500 Fiat has decided that it is time to apply a facelift on its 500 model. They have not done too well in the US and even in Europe it was not that successful and so they will be hoping for an improvement. The prototype pictures has fromt and rear clips which look like they might be the main changes. However, the car has a lot of disguise and this means that it is therefore tricky to make out very much at all. It does look like the head lights and rear lights might be staying the same though, despite this usually being a feature that is changed in a facelift. It looks therefore like the changes to the model will be very minimal. There is no indication as to when it might be shown and we will be able to see for definite. It could be due to arrive at the Geneva motor show, although April’s New York Auto Show might be a more realistic guess.


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