New face for the Chevvy Spark


Chevrolet’s Spark microcar is a bit too small for some buyers, but it still seems to be pleasing the manufacturer. In its first year it sold 35% more than expected and was for sale a few years earlie in Europe. This means that there are now plans for a change.
This change does not look to be small either, but rather more radical if the latest spy photos are anything to go by. It seems like there will be a selection of significant changes being made. The headlights will be changing from the vertical design to something more horizontal. The shape with its egg like arch will be the same but the belt line, with its slashing arch will not be so apparent. This means that the passengers on the back will benefit from a better view but it means that car will lose one of its styling cues that makes it stand out.
More changes are not too obvious. It looks like the rear door handles will still be in the C-pillar as before and there is quite a bit of camouflage on the back making it hard to see what might be going on there. It looks like the vertical rear lights will not be changing though.
It does seem like the design is being toned down though, but it is too early to draw any definite conclusions. Nothing official has come out with regards to when the model is expected to come out either but previous rumours have said that it will be the beginning of 2015 and this seems to tie in with the stage of testing that it seems to be at.


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