New Clues for the BMW i8


The BMW i8 has been spotted a few times recently but new sighting of the prototype have allowed more information to be revealed. It seems like the kidney grille is larger and the rear side windows now have the Hoffmeister kink. The door handles also have moved to being behind the door shutline rather than on the doors themselves. This could imply that the car will not have butterfly openings anymore, but it is too early to be completely sure of this.
The car is a plug in hybrid and it is expected that it will have an electric motor driving the front with two 1.5 litre three cylinders driving the back. It is expected that it will provide 393 horsepower. Calculations based on its weight estimation of 3.125 pounds show that it will be able to do 20 miles in all electric mode and will be able to reach 156 miles an hour. It should be able to get from 0 to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds.


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