New Chevrolet Colorado 2013 spied in Thailand


New Chevrolet Colorado 2013 spied in Thailand

Spy shooters was seen a prototype of a new pickup Chevrolet Colorado, which was released on the market next year.

Photos provided by the portal Bbznet, so it is reasonable to assume that their experiences Chevrolet pickup truck in Thailand, where the company’s engineers probably did not expect more attention to their novelty, but in reality it turned out the opposite.

The only elements that have been disguised are the labels “Butterfly”, this most likely pick-up and drew the attention.

Features of the project are still unknown, but the Colorado Rally Concept, which can be considered the prototype of a pickup, equipped with a 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine and four-wheel drive system, so we can assume that under the hood Chevrolet Colorado 2013 will be something like that.

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