New Car Paint Care Tips: What To Do To Maintain The Shine?


Owning a brand new car or having it repainted gives you a great feeling. You always look forward to driving it because you know it looks fabulous. However, not many drivers enjoy this feeling for long as the paint can dull quickly and deteriorate the car’s exterior look. That’s why it’s important to pay equal attention to the exterior or your car as you do to the interior.
What best practices should you maintain to ensure that the new car paint remains shiny for longer?

Man washes re car.

1. Avoid car paint enemy number one: Bird Droppings
You may be lucky to have lovely doves living somewhere around your compound and they sometimes make your car their resting place. While you enjoy having an up-close and personal view of them, don’t underestimate how dangerous their droppings are to your car’s exterior. Bird droppings can etch the paint if let to stay for a couple of days.

The best way to avoid this car paint enemy is to get rid of the droppings immediately. Car maintenance advice that you keep quick-detail spray and microfiber towels in your car always. These will help to clean the messes immediately you spot them.

And in case you don’t make it to remove the dirt in time and find that your car’s paint has already been etched, don’t wait until the next time the car is repainted to correct there small shortcomings. Contact expert car paint professionals like Car Detail Perth’s paint correction service. They will refinish the spots accurately to ensure that the car’s exterior regains its new shine without having to spend much money on full repainting.

2. Hand Washing doesn’t necessarily mean better washing
Some car owners refuse to have their cars cleaned using automatic car washes thinking that hand washes are better. However, research shows that most of the damage to the car’s finish happens during the washing and drying process. If your newly painted car is washed using an old sponge loaded with grit buildup, be sure to lose the shiny finish sooner than later.

Most hand washers also use dishwashing detergent which works well but will eventually strip off wax and polish to leave the paint exposed to destructive elements.
This brings us to the next point…

3. Find the right cleaning products
It’s crucial to note that not all cleaning products are universal. Different car finishes require specific cleaning solutions.

Get in touch with a trusted automotive shop that can provide the right cleaning solutions for your car. You can also contact the manufacturer directly to get their advice on how to best take care of the new car’s paint and finish. It doesn’t cost much to find the right car cleaning solutions but your efforts will go a long way in maintaining the car looking shiny for

4. Keep the car covered whenever possible
Storing your car in a place where it is well-protected against weather conditions is one of the best habits for maintaining its exterior. In fact, most insurance companies as if you keep your car parked in a garage. Whenever you want to store your car for a little longer than a couple of days, park it in a garage or under a carport. This helps to keep it cleaner and away from damaging UV rays that may quickly dull the new
5. Preventive maintenance saves tons of work later
Preventive maintenance is considered as the best way to keep any kind of vehicle looking new. People who proudly own vintage cars have one common thing: they do a quick but highly effective cleaning exercise every day when they get home.

Something as simple as spraying a waterless wash product and quickly wiping it off (the entire exercise could take only 10 minutes) saves significant maintenance efforts down the road. Put in a little effort every day to make sure the car’s new look doesn’t fade.

Maintaining a car’s shiny paint and new look doesn’t cost much. It only requires your consistent efforts to preserve the glossy paint and shiny finish by getting rid of dirt as soon as possible, using the right cleaning solutions and keeping the car well-protected.


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