New Bus 4 London


The new high tech double decker is currently being tested by the makers of the new bus 4 London – The Route master classic replacement. Our spy photographer received more than he expected right before Christmas when he noticed something larger – the new bus 4 London.
This is a state of the art bus which features lightweight aluminum space frames which were designed by Heatherwick Studio. Not to mention the fact that it is a range extended hybrid that includes a 4.5 liter diesel engine that charges the batteries. We suspect that most of the time it will be used as an electric vehicle. This may be due to the fact that the manufactures have announced that it will release half of the CO2 and NOX emissions that a regular diesel bus does.
The design of the London bus is very unique. The glazing that can be found on both levels is included on both the front and back staircases which link the upper and lower decks in a glazed motif. This also happens to be the first bus that has been designed for London in fifty years.  Not to mention the fact that the new bus 4 London will have three door sets and a conductor will be hired to man the rear platforms on busy routes.  However, you should not expect this bus to make a statement overnight. You will see them gradually appearing. The first route you will see them on is route 38 around May 2012. So, there will be some running when the Olympics come but they will not be all over the place.


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