New Audi RS3 Sportback 2015 Featured


The RS3 is the new hot hatch that will be arriving form Audi. It will be appearing in 2015 and is thought to be capable of 380bhp which will be above the 355bhp that is currently available fro the Mercedes A45 AMG and it is even getting close to the 400bhp available from the Golf R.
The car spotted has a selection of clues as to its identity as the new RS3. Most notably are the bigger wheels which are the same front ones as the RS5 and the back from the RS4 Avant. They have petal disc brakes which are 3kg each less than standard disc brakes.
The front bumper is also deeper and there is a intake underneath the single frame main grille. This is the same as is seen on the RS7 Sportback and RS6 Avant. It is expected that there will be a Quattro script with all wheel drive as standard.
The car photographed also has Led headlights which are rare and this could suggest that these will be offered as standard on the new model. There are also some changes at the back with a bulky bumper, bigger rear wing and the exhaust pipes are RS-spec oval shaped.
It is expected that the engine choices will be the same as the previous model. This is a 2.5 litre turbo engine from the TT RS. However, due to changes in emissions regulations it will need to have some changes made to it and there are also rumours that it will have a massive increase in power form 335 to 380bhp.
The car pictures has a seven speed dual clutch S-tronic. It is not know at this stage whether there will be a manual option. The last RS3 was automatic only but the S3 hot hatch does have a manual option, so there is some chance that it could be an option.
This car is a five door which could be a surprise to some. The outgoing model did not have a three door version because it did not want to take that part of the market form the TT RS Coupe. As there will be a new RS version of the TT then it is expected that this policy will still remain.
The new RS3 will be lighter than the outgoing model because of the MQB platform that now is used for all mid size VW cars. It is possible that it could lose up to 100kg taking it down to 1475kg in total. This is a lot lighter than the A45 AMG which come in at 1555kg but heavier than the 1445kg S3 Sportback S-Tronic.
It is expected that the car will be available for sale late 2015 and will be around the £38k mark in line with the A45 AMG which will be cheaper than the outgoing model which is £40k.


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