New Additions for the Vauxhall Insignia


In September 2013 the Vauxhall Insignia will be relaunched. It will have a selection of improvements, including a change to the front and rear designs. There will be the addition of petrol and diesel engines that will compete, with regards to fuel economy, with other vehicles on the market.
The car has been tested well on the Nurburgring but it will also be tested on UK roads to make sure that the chassis can cope with all of the pot holes, now that it has been changed.
A major change to the range of cars is a new 1.6 litre turbo diesel which has a closed loop combustion engine as well as an aluminium block which should help to keep the weight down. It should help to reduce CO2 emissions but also give enough power but without costing too much in fuel. This leads to a 10% improvement in fuel consumption compared to the 2.0 litre CDTI which is not liked by the UK buyers anyway. The new 1.6 is also better with regards to torque and power so it should be more popular.
There will also be a 1.6 petrol which will have a spark ignition. It will mean that the 2.0 turbo will be completely phased out and replaced by these Eco 1.6 models. These give 170bhp as well as 206ln ft of torque and there will also be an even more powerful turbo version which will give 200bhp and 221lb ft torque. There will also be a 150bhp version for those who want something that is more efficient. The engines should be smoother as improvements have been made to the balance shafts making them chain driven.  Improvements have also been made to the acceleration when in fifth gear between 50 and 75mph.
They are also working on a MY2014 with a dual-clutch transmission but it will not be ready yet. It will have an improved suspension which should reduce the road noise, as well as making it more comfortable to ride in. A source has revealed that they are testing cars in the UK because they will work anywhere if they work in the UK.
They will be making some changes inside as well. There will be a bigger touchscreen in the car which means there will be less switches which tend to be more complicated and distracting.


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