New 2013 Lexus ES Sedan Seen In Pictures In China


On a Chinese website, yesterday, pictures were seen of a completely uncovered and production-ready model. The car was scheduled to be released to the public at the New York and Beijing auto shows just a month fom now.
The Lexus designers have done a good job of coming up with a design language that goes throughout all their products. There is an hourglass shape to the grille, and the Toyota Camry has this too. There are a lot of naysayers that say this car is just an expensive Camry, but they’re wrong. It is actually a very important car and should be taken seriously. This little point hasn’t affected buyers’ habits. There have always been good numbers of sales for the ES, and the new look of the ES should keep them coming out strong for a long time to come.

The Chinese-pictured car has a plate with the model number of ES250. However, that model is probably not going to be seen here. It will probably just be the ES350 with the basic 3.5 liter V-6 268 hp and 248 lb-ft torque that is also in the Camry. There will probably be a version of the car with a hybrid powertrain. There are some suggestions it could be called the ES300h based on a trademark. If the gas and electric hybrid does come into existence, it will borrow a lot straight from the Camry.

There should be a lot more information in the next few weeks


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