New 2012 Honda Civic spied


2012 honda civic

Our spy photographers shot this strange looking Honda Civic today performing brake tests in heavy rain. It looks strange since it’s a mule for the new 2012 Civic still dressed under a current Civic body. The front bumper is already the new one, just hidden under the old one. That’s why the front looks longer. There is also a bulge on the hood to give enough room for a new engine or test equipment. Wheel base seems to be the same but notice that the rear fenders are slightly wider. And, also miss the exhaust pipes that normally come out in the rear bumper. Too bad it was raining so heavily so couldn’t make out any engine sound, but suspect that the hybrid engine from the CR-Z will also find its place in the new Civic.

honda civic 2012


new generation honda civic

2012 honda



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