New Wiesmann Coupe spied [update]


all new 2011 wiesmann coupe

Since Wiesmann lost the BMW V10 engine, due to that BMW is not making it anymore, they are now testing with a new BMW power plant.

Wiesmann coupe prototype

And this time it seems to be the V8 twin-turbo known from the X5 and X6 M-versions. There will also be some changes to the body work as these photos hint. Probably to get the twin-turbos ability to breath better. According to the test drivers it will deliver some 550 horsepower in the new Wiesmann.

2011 wiesmann coupe

new wiesmann coupe

wiesmann coupe 2011

wiesman spy photos


After we fetched you the news back in July that BMW was ceasing production of the M5 and its formula 1 inspired engine, it left us wondering about the Wiesmann GT MF5.

But fear not the German sports car manufacturer has turned up today with a prototype to test the BMW V8 Twin Turbo, as used in the X6 and the X5 M powered cars, and of course the upcoming M5/M6 in 2011.

The car was sporting larger wider wheels than its predecessor 325x25x20 on the rear and 285x30x20 on the fronts and was currently fitted with Michelin Pilot Sports.

The manufacturing process hasn’t changed from the previous model but we expect it to way slightly less than the current model due to the new engine.

Expect a saving of about 100kg making it weigh in at an estimated 1295kg and this should enable the car to exceed 200mph.



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