Nearly Time for the BMW X4


A new BMW has ben pictures and it seems like there are a lot around at the moment. This one is the BMW X4 which was seen as a concept car around twelve months ago. There is disguise at the back of the prototype so they still have something to hide despite the fact that it must be near to launch now.
The production version does look very much like the concept car. The headlights are the same shape, but fog lights have been added. The rear roofline is similar as well but the back is covered and dirty and so cannot be seen. It seems like it will be very similar to the concept based on this and previous spy pictures that have been taken. It also looks rather like the 3 series Gran Turismo with regards to the size and form of it.
It may not be long until an undisguised version of the car might be seen. There are rumours that the car will be debuting at the New York Auto Show which is on the 16th April and it could be revealed a month before that on the 14th March.


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