Moving Ford Mustang GT350 Seen For First Time


The Ford Mustang GT350 has been seen before but only when stopped, these recent pictures taken, show it in action. The model will be replacing the Shelby GT500 and has not only been photographed but videoed as well.  The sound was recorded too, so it is possible to hear what that engine is like. About two minutes through the video on you can hear the driver rev the car up and you get a good idea of what it can really sound like.
There is no information of whether this car will be naturally aspirated or not, but it sounds rather like the Shelby GT500 which is. Unfortunately the video is not the best one, as the person filming was trying not to be spotted, but it is still the best that is available at the moment and certainly gives a few clues as to what to expect from the car.

Video Ford Mustang GT350


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