Most expensive car repairs


Car repairs are never welcome, they always come at the worst times as well. It’s easy enough to predict when you’ll need new tyres and brake pads, but it’s impossible to gauge when, or if, you’ll blow your engine or suffer a transmission failure.

Expensive car repair.

When these issues do occur though, you’ll be faced with a very difficult decision, do you repair the car or scrap it and buy a new one? With costs coming to as much as £10,000 for some repairs, it may be worth looking at a used car instead.

Blown motors are among the most common problems with cars, a blown engine is one that ‘has suffered some internal damage and will require extensive repair or replacement.’ There are numerous potential issues in the engine, from damaged valves to oil leaks. In many cases a new engine is the best option, although this can cost anywhere from £1000 used, to well over £10,000 for performance or rare cars. Cars that need new engines are often high mileage examples, therefore it’d be wise to look at replacing other components such as the transmission, radiators and other high stress elements if you’re adamant you want to keep the car.

9 out of 10 automatic transmission failures are a result of transmission fluid issues. Many people fail to give their oil appropriate attention, in reality it should be changed every two to three years. Riding the clutch in traffic or at traffic lights can also put excess wear on the transmission. Once again, depending on the car you’re driving, the cost of a repair or new unit can vary massively. For a replacement, the minimum amount you’re looking at is £1,500; not a small amount, with labour costs on top of that prices could become astronomical.

Air conditioning may not seem like a priority in England, we’re constantly complaining about the cold weather. When the sun does strike however, we’d be lost without it. Unfortunately, when it goes wrong, the repair isn’t cheap. For a new compressor, prices are roughly in the region of £300 and labour costs can reach and exceed this price too. While it’s not as costly as other parts on this list, for a non-essential item you may feel begrudged to part with your cash.


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