More Speculation around the Ferrari Enzo


There are a lot of people who are waiting to see what the next farrari will nbe, there is even speculation as to whether it will be called the Enzo, F150 or something completely different. Josiah LaColla, a designer, has put together his version of what he feels the new car will look like based on all of the evidence gathered so far.
It does look a bit brutal, to be honest and does not look like it would be a proper successor to the Enzo, if it does turn out like it is pictures. Also it does not look that much like the test models that have been so far. It is likely, of course, that a lot of it comes from his imagination. The pictures show that the car has so much venting that it could never be concerned about not getting cool, for example, which seems unlikely.
It is still interesting to see his take on the design and will be even more interesting to compare it the real thing, when we get a chance.


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