More Information about the Ferrari F150 Enzo


Quite a lot of information is now being gathered about the successor to the Ferraro Enzo F150. There have been spy shots and also some leaked information, but now there has even been some video footage taken when the car was doing some laps in Italy at the Fiorano Circuit. The sound on the video reveals the sound of the rumbling exhaust as well as the screaming engine, which is great. It also shows the outside of the car without the normal camouflage.
The track is 1.877 miles with 12 turns and so shows off a lot of the qualities of the car. It was being tested with an Enzo and so it was possible to compare them. With Enzo having 651 horsepower and the successor having 950 then you would expect to hear quite a difference and you certainly can.

Video Ferrari F150 Enzo


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