More Details Revealed About the 2015 Lexus RC F


Lexus is well known for its spindle grille and how it does not always work well on all of their models However, it really does look right on their 2015 RC F which will be debuted at the Detroit auto Show. The mesh of the grille is made from woven ‘F’ symbols and the lines flow through the bonnet through to the A pillars which works really well on this particular model. It certainly looks the part, perhaps only overshadowed by the LF-CC concept. The grille certainly points to the fact that it has some oomph and the 5.0 litre V8 engine which can do 460 hp, certainly has that.
It also has 380 lb/ft torque which makes it the most powerful production car that Lexus have made with the exception of the LFA. There is an eight speed automatic gearbox which powers the rear wheels. This model is certainly about enjoying driving which is how Yukihiko Yaguchi, the Lexus deputy chief engineer and F Group manager described it.
The RD F does have similarities to the RC. The cars were modelled together, which si different to normal practice of making the standard model first and then modifying it to improve performance. Each of the cars had its own team working on it but the standard car was restricted with regards to design and construction so that there was room for the F model to stand out above it.
It was necessary for functional additions to be incorporated and this lead to prominent ducts in the aft of the wheel wells and lower front fascia. Under the skin there were body bracing, wider tyres and an oil cooler added in to improve performance. The back is individual as well to the F model with quad exhausts that are stacked and cleaved corners. Carbon fibre will be available with a spoiler and roof made form a lightweight weave and even a bonnet in carbon fibre is available in some countries but not the US.
The instrument panel has a tachometer right in the centre which is very large with a speedometer on the right of it and an information screen on the left. The cluster changes depending on whether the care is normal, eco, sport or sport plus. There is a fat bespoke steering wheel and metallic pedals which have rubber ‘L’ shaped stamps on them. The front seats have F logos embossed on them and there is a choice of five shades of leather. The stitching on the leather is distinctive and was based on the tight base layers that athletes wear.
The F team were told that the car needed to be high performance but also inspired confidence and was flexible compared to the Supra. They had no target customer or vehicle to base it on, just were told that it needed to be a car that they would enjoy driving.  However, despite them saying they were not specifically competing with another car, it is hard to ignore the fact that it is similar to the BMW M4 which is also debuting at the Detroit Auto Show and is bound to be closely compared. We will have to wait and see what the similarities and differences are when it will be possible to compare and decide which might be the one that is more attractive to buyers.


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