Minimal Disguise, M Sport BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Seen


The new BMW 4 series car is virtually a coupe version of the 3 series. Therefore you might expect that the new four door car in the 4-series would follow the same pattern, but it does not exactly do this.
BMW offers a selection of vehicles for each family such as a 5 series sedan as well as a four door version of the 6 series which is called the Gran Coupe. The 4-series will also expand in a similar fashion. The 4 series convertible has just been released and now there are spy shots of the Gran Coupe from the 4 series. It is sportier than the four door coupe and looks similar to the 3 series Gran Turismo.
The vehicle photographed has only a little bit of disguise hiding a few details. The M Sport package seems to be present though which will make the difference between the base 4 series models and the M4 Gran Coupe.


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