Mini MPV Seen and Photographed


Mini has been busy getting ready to debut the new Mini Cooper hardtop at LA next week and there will be a convertible model to follow. However, there have been some sighting of a plus model which could come after these two. This model is thought to be called the Traveller or the Spacebox.
The car will be longer and wider than the Countryman but apart form that there is very little information available about it. It has been designed to make best use of the cargo and passenger space though. It does look like there will also be a split rear door in the style of the Clubman but it will look form the front more like the 2015 Cooper. It will have taillights in a horizontal position like those on the Paceman and Countryman as opposed to the vertical lights of the Cooper. The prototype in the photos looks like it is close to production form but there has been no confirmation from Mini as to when it might be ready.
The hardtop Mini has been seen completely uncovered and the Cooper S has also been seen on a flatbed lorry. There was a dual centre exhaust on that one, which was an S but the droptop seen here was a base model as it did not have this.



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