Mini Cooper S (2013) iDrive spied in Death Valley


Mini Cooper S (2013) iDrive spied in Death Valley
This car was spotted in Death Valley, USA while being tested. The spy shots clearly give away few strong details and key points about the third generation Mini Hatchback.
Inside this car, you can easily identify the iDrive BMW style multi controller. This also offers a good way to compare the standard and S range Coopers.
So, is there an iDrive for 2013 Mini?The answer to the above mentioned question is a likely yes. Going by what it seems, it does seem like there is a possibility of an iDrive. The display clearly gives away an image of the console button control that comes from the parent i.e. BMW. It has been used from 1- 6 series. This is one of the ways of brining in dynamic solutions to this modern car.
This car has a rotary controlled interface which means the car allows the driver to enjoy the benefits of many functions like sat-nav, updating social networking profiles and enjoying the radio functions too.
It is still a bit unclear as to where the iDrive will make its way. It is going to be same or slightly slimmed down. However, it does seem like the controller will go through a bit of change in terms of restyling. The styling will be done in order to keep up with the theme of retro-pastiche.
Are these the new Mini Cooper S spy photos?
These photos are of both the standard as well as the hot hatch version of the mini cooper clan. The standard cars have a single exhaust whereas the cooper S version has a dual pipe exhaust outlet.
The other offering from the cooper S clan is the sportier look and fatter wheels.
Are there going to be any more of Mini’s coming in a bigger size?

Any other Minis in a bigger size?
The answer to the question mentioned above is a yes. This is because of the range expansion that the company is looking at. The 2013 mini hatch is just the beginning, this will lead to more launches ahead. The next few years ahead will give you updates about the expansion and competition on the lines of premium cars like that of the Mercedes A class, the Audi A3 etc. this goes well with buyers who are looking at style oriented vehicles, ones that have a low roof and are designed to appeal the buyers.
The five door Sportvan offering is to launch in 2016. However, you don’t have to wait so long. The Countryman Coupe which is inspired from the BMW X6 is likely to arrive in 2013. This is more or less six months prior to the launch of the mini hatch.
You can find elements of mini coming your way in the future launches by BMW. The 1 series that is to come and X1 is set to go on the front wheel drive, which is said to be more efficient.
So, the announcement made about an investment of £250m in Mini Oxford making sense to you? This proves that BMW is willing spend a really good amount on its brands and increasing its range so as to pull up better sales of Minis in the future.


  1. I really love the car. This suits me very well. Great find. Although I really don’t like the paint of the car.

  2. I think nowadays MINIS are too big, but there are a perfect replica of the original. I love this car, and if they screw this up, they will be in trouble. (they say that it will have a 1.4 turbo!!!)


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