Mini Cooper Interior Seen in China


The new Mini hardtop will be debuted very soon – in November this year in fact. There have been more and more details revealed about it and the exterior has been shown a selection of times. Now the interior has been seen and Car News China managed to get hold of some photographs. Thy show that there are still key styling features typical of Mimi but there are also some changes to update the model from the current R56.
The most iconic part of the current mini is the centre mounted speedometer and this is now gone. There is now a speedometer above the steering column and it has a tachmeter flanking it which is very small. Where the speedometer was are the controls for the radio. It has been reported that this looks much uglier. Obviously that is down to personal opinion but the black plastic and mass of buttons does have the effect of making that part of the cabin look cheap, which is not the way the rest of it looks.
The bottom of the centre stack has some toggle buttons and there is a checkerboard dash insert which looks good. There are also extensions on the bottom cushions of the seats which means that drivers with longer legs will be more comfortable in the small car. There are also plaid bolsters on the seats, although rather more subtle than those on the Volkswagen.
This is the best look at the mini so far but despite this there are still some details that cannot be seen. For example, the area around the parking brake and shifter and door are covered up which means that there may be some changes being made to the styling on these. The mini will debut on 18th November and so not long to wait to find out what the final look will be.


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