Mini Cooper five-door exists and has been spotted


The Mini Copper is a car that really has five doors. It has everything that can give it the tag of international car. This British based vehicle will have an engine that has the combined features of a French based Peugeot and German based BMW. It is all ready to be sold to the American car enthusiasts. One of the biggest changes that have been brought in this new model is the engine. The engine will of the twin cam type. It will have features like fuel efficiency, improved horsepower and reduced emissions. The capacity of the engine is 1.6 liter and it has four cylinders. It has a high tech aluminum block which makes it more lighter than the iron block Tritec engines. The power produced by the engine is 143 HP. Another big feature of the car is its body style. It comes with longer wheel base and five doors. There is also cargo area and rear leg room.
To allow the passengers get an easy access to the rear seats there is a pair of rear hinged doors. The rear hatchback is more upright. There will be bug eyed headlights at the front end. The interior of the car has been also given a new look. But it will still have the traditional centrally mounted speedometer. The dashboard will have an wooden trim and the body color will be matching. The tires are of all season types. The car is also equipped with many safety features. There are side airbags and head curtain air bags for both the driver and the passengers.


  1. Because BMW has taken over MINI, they don’t have any of the magic before. The Countryman is ugly, and this five door Cooper is nonsense, because the countryman is already a five door.


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