Mini Cooper 2012 Spotted with no Disguise!


The 2014 Mini Cooper has been spotted a lot of times recently but usually heavily camouflaged. However, it has now been revealed during a photo shoot with none of the isguise present and so its form can be clearly seen.
The first surprise is that it has got the LED dayime running lights that were firstly put on the 2011 Rockman concept. They look rather unique and could appeal to many people but being a bit different couls always disappoint others. There is a resculpted front grille as well which is matte black and integrates the bumper. The front looks rather more rounded and it has a bit of a power bulge in the nose just above the intake slot on the bonnet. It does still have a pretty much unchanged profile but the windscreen is slightly faster. The rear lights seem rather big as well, which may not be to everyone’s taste. The car has a codename F56 and it does seem a little bigger to the previous Mini Cooper according to those who have seen it close up. It seems like the front overhang is a bit longer which could possibly be because of the new pedestrian safety rules that they have to allow for.
It is expected that the Mini Cooper will have similar architecture to the BMW 1 series MPV and GT. It is also thought that all the Mini Coopers will move on to three cylinders with the BMW 1.5 litre which has direct injection, twin scroll turbo and variable valve timing. This should give it 120 to 200 horsepower. It is expected that there may even be higher performance models which could manage to get up to 300 horsepower. There are even rumours that there may be a four cylinder option as well, but time will tell!


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