Mini Convertible Seen on Flatbed


The next generation Mini Cooper Convertible is in its testing stages now and has recently been photographed while being driven on a flatbed truck.
The Mini is codenamed F57 (with the hard top version being F56). It will have the same architecture as the F56 which is also that used for the X1 and BMW 1 series GT. It also expected to have some of the technology from the BMW i such as electronically adjustable dampers. This may seem a bit high tech for a mini but it would certain add some appeal.
It is expected that the styling will be the same as the hardtop at the bottom and the spy photos show that the top looks pretty much the same as well. The roof looks to be a similar shape and it is expected that it will fold in a Z-shape like the current canvas topped model.
It is thought that the powertrain will be the same as the hatchback which will make it a 2.0 litre with four cylinders and turbocharges. This should give it 189 horsepower and 207 lb/ft torque. There is likely to also be the option of a 1.5 litre engine which will be the standard option with 134 horsepower and 162 lb/ft torque. It will take a while before the Mini is debuted though, unlike the F57 convertible which will appear in a few weeks. The spy who took the shots reckons that it will be 2015 before it will be seen and so is likely to first be shown at Paris or Los Angeles in 2014.


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