Mid cycle Face Lift Due for Ferrari FF


Mid cycle Face Lift Due for Ferrari FF
It will soon be time for the Ferrari FF to release its new face lifted model and a bit of information has come out about what to expect from this 2016 model. It will have a series of new features to keep it fresh and appealing to buyers.
At the moment it is expected that the 2011 will have a big selection of updates both to the engine and to the look of it. It is thought that it will also have a second V8.
Of course Ferrari is all about power and so it is expected that the V12 engine will reach closer to 700bhp from its current 660bhp. It will have a revision made to the four wheel drive system so that it can cope with that increase.
It is expected that there will be an entry level FF offered which will be able to encourage more sales and this will have a V8 engine, probably the one form the California T, also destined for the 2015 Ferrari M458-T.
It is expected that the seven speed clutch will be replaced by an eight ratio gearbox. This means that it will be better for managing all of the acceleration and also increasing the mpg and reducing CO2 at the same time.
The new look is interesting as well as it plans on making the car be more appealing to customers. It cannot have too many changes to the sheet metal but it is expected that it will be less upright and so it will be elegant and sporty.
Ferrari does seem to really like aluminium but it is expected that there might be more composite used in this model. These will be below the centre of the car though so that the centre of gravity is still as low as possible on this model.
These could come as carbon fibre roofs or it could be hang on panels made of composite materials or light weight air deflection elements. There could be high tech additions of small hydraulic actuators.
It is expected that the inside will see changes as well. There will be a new infotainment systement with Apple CarPlay for a start.
In the long term it is expected that this could lead to more things. It could be that there may be a four seater coupe in the future for the company or there may be a new door concept or something else. There are debates going on at the moment in the company so it is worth keeping your ears open in case anything of interest is leaked out.


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