Mercedes SLC – Super Car


Mercedes SLC

Upon completion of the latest tests revealed that the car belonged to a German concern Mercedes. The same information indirectly confirmed in the company. It is expected that the model will replace the partner of the legendary SLR car, which decided to complete production. Novelties Mercedes is developing jointly with firms HWA Racing and McLaren.

So far, the car does not have its own name, but journalists dubbed as the SLC model. It is expected that sports will be built on the platform of SL-Class and will be completed with 6.2 – liter engine output of 500 hp.

new Mercedes


super car

Mercedes super car


  1. Um, I think that’s a Dodge Viper, still, that might be the new model of the Viper making these shots very rare, yet I highly doubt that that’s a Mercedes….

  2. This car is never ever a Mercedes. Have a look at the headlights, the mirrors, the taillights and the roof-construction as well. They asolutely dont look Mercedes, compare with SLK or SL 65 Prototype.

    Also, why should Mercedes test their new prototype in Augsburg/Germany? It more than 130km away from their nearest site? Makes no sense to me, especially if you have 2 Eurospeedways in Germany…

  3. sorry guys, this is not a mercedes. This is a dodge viper, but never ever a mercedes. Whoever posted the pics, you are so wrong

  4. so you three, you are completly wrong.
    its a mercedes, many mercedes prototyps are registeres in ausgaburg, thats normal.
    and that the car does not look like an normal mb is also normal die karroserie ist just adopteet to the car and have absolutly nothing to do with the final car, its just for engine, brakes etc testing
    you can see this car daily in affalterbach

  5. It may or may not be a Mercedes, but keep in mind, auto manufactorers disguise these cars for a reason, often using parts from existing cars. Thus, judging by your responses, succeding in their effort to fool you.

  6. this is a dodge viper look at the rear and roof!
    mercedes dont have old technology tail lights and disguise their cars in a different manner so micheal do a google search, its a DODGE VIPER!

  7. You all are assholes. This is not merc it is viper. The guy who insert this pictures is completely d… and f…face

  8. the viper will cease production in 2010 and there will no be a replacement, so this is definitely a mercedes

  9. it definitely closely resembles a dodge viper from every angle except the front. but none of you should accuse it of not being a mercedes. you never know what’s under the hood. like eric said, mercedes might just be using the viper’s body and frame to test their parts INSIDE lol

  10. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but there has been a lot of rumors of the Dodge Viper being ceased after 2011. It could be because the sales are not there compared to the Vette, or part of Chrysler’s reconstruction plan. However, Mercedes might be working on the next Viper. We all know that’s not a Mercedes. Never was, never will be. It looks nothing like a Mercedes, and if they were going to make a new supercar, it wouldn’t have the same body as a Dodge Viper. If any of you guys heard about the new NSX that was suppose to come out, they found spy shots of it under a S2000 body.

    It’s one of two things:

    1. Mercedes might be testing their new supercar under disguise.

    2. Mercedes is secretly working on the next Dodge Viper.

  11. it’s obviously a dodge viper, you can see the exhaust manifold on the side where they used to be

  12. Possible a Daimler Chrysler car since the companies were combined or a good photo shop. Notice the exhaust. The viper has side exhaust, and yet this has two exhaust pipes that look like they came off a Honda. also the windows and the amount of room from the front doors to the front of the vehicle are slightly longer. also the “bulge in the front of the vehicle is un-viper like….


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