Mercedes S Class Tested at Nurburgring


The new S-class Mercedes is set to be different to the rest. Mercedes tends to classify by class and that will be just the one body style but in the case of the S-Class they are not doing this.
The S-Class already comes in two lengths of wheelbase, although both will not be available worldwide and it seems there will be a coupe and possibly a convertible as well. However, it looks like they will be making it even longer. There will be a Pullman version that will slot in the space left from the Maybach brand and just before that will come this car that has been seen in testing.
It is expected that it will have an extra ten inches which will provide the rear passengers with extra leg room. It will have an extra side window on the rear door which will make it easy to tell apart from other models. It is interesting that it is being tested at the Nurburgring as it seems like they are concerned about the way that it moves when it is going quickly. There was a video taken so that interested fans can take a look and see what they think of the new car.

Mercedes S Video


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