Mercedes S-class (2013): new spy photos of W222


It is not uncommon to see a practice when a new modern vehicle comes out with a new style that people are adoring. Other companies will quickly make modifications to their vehicles future models in order to stay up to snuff with their competition. This is exactly what we are seeing in the Maybach limo range that hasn’t had much success.
Of the 2013 S-class models that arrive first, the W222 will be at the front of the line and it was captured by CAR’s spy photos. This will be the traditional long wheelbase model in the line.
What you will find under the disguise:
Underneath that black camoflauge, we see some of the different styling cues that we have seen on later models of the Mercs. It appears we will see another return of them.
–    Just below the belt line: dropping line structures
–    Including the roof, the side view is defined by the diving line.
–    The balancing line begins slightly higher than the sill and it counters the dropping line which is a mild upswing and ends just before the opening at the rear wheel.
–    You will find a tapering on the rear side panels instead of the older controversial pontoon lines.
–    There is a relation between the greenhouse, roof, and body.
The Merc S-class has a new headlamp design.
There have also been some design improvements. They are known as torch headlamps which will debut with the 2013 Merc S-class. It is actually two LED torches burning side by side. The outer will be day-running light, and the other as an indicator.
From the edge of the bonnet, the bi-xenon lens will frequently peter out just before they curl around the top end from the bottom of the headlamp cluster, much like a torch. Most people define torches as formal and upright for the prestigious cars like the S-class Mercedes-Benz. Other sporty miles have a swoosh effect and exit at an almost horizontal plane.
Defining the front end for the car, the fog lamps and cornering spots, along with the grille, are what really define the cars front end.
The Merc S-class: What else is there to know?
What we can expect is that much like the Range Rover does, where they release a new highly modified Range Rover once every decade, we can expect all the ins and outs of incorporating modern features that Daimler knows into this luxury car.
We can expect some magical touches to the Merc S-class: Magic Body Control (camera based pe-sense damping), Magic Light Control (lighting by LED that is dynamic), Magic Sky Control (a variable-setting tinted glass moonroof).


  1. Yes the LED Torch headlamp is the additional design element that can be found on the new 2013 Merc. S-Class.


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