Mercedes Pullman Is Going To Stretch Out the 2013 S-Class Range


Mercedes will be coming out with an extra-long car in the S-class set called the Pullman, and it will be approximately seven meters long, and it will be coming out in 2013.
Daimler has ditched the Mayback, and the Pullman will be the new stretch car substitute.

The ordinary S-class range will come out in 2013, but the stretch limousine version will come out much later in 2015.

What will the Pullman by Mercedes be like and what will it deliver?

The S-class is an extra-long car, and it will be called the Pullman, but in the future, the model will be set aside for the long luxury car that has room for six people. At almost 7 meters long, it will be like a stretch limo.

There are some special new features in the Pullman. There are some seats in the second row that face to the rear, and they fold away when they’re not being used, a choice partition, a carefully measured body with upright headlamps, eight windows with degrees of tinting and a sunroof, curtains that are electric and even armour-plating to keep people safe. This is the car of choice for luxury aficionados. It will really keep people enamored. It will keep people protected.

There will also be a sort of personalization program that will give people the option to get any kind of color or time. There will be a lot of really great equipment out there too like Magic Light Control, Magic Sky control, and Magic Body Control. There are going to be at least four different options for wheels too.



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