Mercedes MLC AMG Seen in Testing


It looks like Mercedes is working hard to compere with the BMW four door coupe/crossover with its MLC. This has already been spotted but now the AMG variant of the car has also been seen. This will have the same 5.5 litre V8 engine which is in the ML63 AMG and will manage 557 horsepower. This means that it will give the BMW X6M a run for its money at the title of the fastest vehicle on the planet! There are quite a few styling cues related to the fact that the model is an AMG on this test car. It has bigger wheels and tyres as well as large brakes and front intakes. At the back of the car the exhaust tips clearly have an AMG style. There are also bigger vents in the back bumper and the fenders are bigger as well. It is expected that the MLC will be seen in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show and the AMG model will follow a few months later and therefore all of the details will be available in about a year’s time.


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