Mercedes MLC (2014) – it’s Merc’s X6 crossover!


Mercedes has a new model that we can expect to see in the year 2014. It will be called the MLC – well this is the name it is going by now – and it is a sporty SUV. The name that it has was approved in July 2011. Also, it will be coming from a plant in Alabama – in the U.S. They have even declared an official product date of March 2014.
Why is Mercedes building the MLC sporty SUV?
Mercedes has decided to build this SUV to give the BMW X6 some competition on the roads. We know that the low riding, wide body BMW SUV is an excellent seller -40,000 to 60,000 units each year. We can expect for some things to be similar to their rival however, such as, the bespoke body which means there will be no exterior panels.
So will the Merc MLC just be an impractical 4×4 coupe?
The MLC does not play around when it comes to rear leg and headroom as the X6. So, you can expect wider rear doors, adjustable rear seats, less radical roofline, and a full length console. Not to mention the fact that the luggage section is very flexible even though it may be hard to haul refrigerators. But, it will also be super easy to load and unload thanks to the low lip that comes included with the vehicle.
Launching in 2014: MLC and a facelifted M-class
Buyers can expect to have access to buy this car in the 2014 summer months. Then, weeks later a face lifted M Class will be available. There will be some pretty sick upgrades available such as lighting and driver aids as well as the best infotainment can provide.  Other things you can expect to see are listed below:
•    Bespoke headlights
•    Meaner looking grille
•    Additional cameras and sensors
•    More comfort features
•    A sportier interior
•    BMW style steering
•    Four cylinder engine
•    Active Curve System
•    Airmatic air suspension
•    Adaptive damping
Engines in the Merc MLC
We expect that there will be a twin turbo 3.0 liter V6 – 333bhp and 354 b ft. However, other editions could possible include a 5.4 liter V8 and a 3.0 liter V6. Then, of course there is the possibility of a hybrid which would combine possibly a 3.0 liter V6 with a 50bhp electric motor that would include an 8k Wh lithium ion battery pack as well.  However, we do expect the basic model to go for at least €4000.



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