Mercedes M-Class teases upcoming facelift, new interior


The M-Class has had a good run the past two years and despite several models being released, the M-Class has managed to maintain a prominent spot in the mid-size luxury car niche. We have seen a few contenders within the Mercedes umbrella such as the ML63 AMG. There has also been speculation about an X6. Apart from this, news around this particular model has been fairly somber.
Fortunately for us, there is a new model to obsess over, the successor of the two year old model will be released in late 2014 and will be considered as the “2015” version of the model. Mercedes is embracing its innovative style as seen in new models of its other classes such as the C-Class and E-Class. The front is more pronounced and defined with bolder edges for prominence. The behind looks fairly consistent with the previous model but there are some final touches to make it unique in itself.
The upgrade is not just limited to the exterior with a complete revamp on the front COMAND screen accommodating more dashboard real-estate. Despite occupying more room, it still appears to be fairly in place and not too much of a space hog on the dashboard. The indicators and wheel has also been modified.
Rumors suggest that things will change under the hood as well. In fact a completely separate eco-friendly hybrid version may be in the works. Of course, the usual standardized v6 and v8 petrol and diesel versions will be available as well. More details should follow as we get closer to the release in the coming months.


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