Mercedes GLC Coupe with no Camouflage Was Parked in the Street


 car spy photos Mercedes GLC Coupe 2016

Probably, the premiere of a new Mercedes GLC Coupe is going to happen very soon, as the car was seen without camouflage parked in the street.

The car spy photos Mercedes GLC Coupe 2016 once again prove that the dimensions of the upcoming model are much better, than of GLE Coupe. Even though it is still hard to get used to this mix of crossover and coupe, without a doubt BMW X4’s new rival – GLS – will hit the sales records.

People, who buy cars from this niche of models, usually don’t really care about the practicality of the car. The emphasis is put on the fact that this model is going to be significantly different from others. The GLC will have a more inclined roof, as the X4 version. This feature of a roof will reduce the headroom in the back and will negatively affect the size of the trunk. All of these were done in order to make the automobile stand out from the ordinary compact crossovers.

The inside of the car is already known as it will be taken from the standard GLC, so there will be a row of four and six turbocharged cylinder motors.

The world presentation of the GLC will likely to happen in March in Geneva before being available for purchase later this year. The version is supposed to be a little more expensive, but it will worth it to get something special.


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