Mercedes GLC Coupe 2017 Was Seen Uncovered


car spy photos Mercedes GLC Coupe 2017

For the last month, Mercedes has been testing its Coupe GLC and the automobile is always seen uncovered during the test drives.

The upcoming automobile will compete with the BMW X4. According to the car spy photos Mercedes GLC Coupe 2017, the version of the coupe will have a more aggressive look and will be a dynamic alternative of the current GLC, with which it will have the same range of power trains. It will also feature bigger mirrors and headlights in the realistic design.

The range consists of a line of diesel and petrol options, including the U.S. variant – a gasoline engine turbo four for 2 liters, which will develop 241 units of horsepower, and the AMG petrol motor twin-turbo for 362 units of horsepower. Some time after the premiere, the hybrid option might be added to the line.

The interior will also have resemblance with the current version. The automobile will have a high-class design with an acclivous center console, air vents in a round shape, and a screen in high-resolution placed on top of the instrumentation panel.

Representatives at Mercedes said that the presentation of the automobile will happen during the automobile exhibition in New York.


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