Mercedes giving consideration to GLG small G-wagen


Mercedes which is a well-know and pioneering car manufacturer is planning to come up with latest version of small car G-wagen in the year 2015. This version is inspired by SUV and can be a great competitor for upcoming Land Rover Defender replacement. While designing the small G-wagen all charms of G series are expected to be used but in obsolete form.
This novel car is going to be designed as G-wagen style but given a different range of engines and AMG versions. A hot AMG edition will be used in the care which would have 350 bhp capacities. The size of engine will also be reduced as compared to other car’s engine of this series.

Again Mercedes is also going to sell a BMW X3-sized SUV. It was given name GLK. The car has been given a great angular styled look which is somewhat similar to the first-rate ol’ shaped. However, there are a few reasons which can cause lack f sales return from the car which are polarizing appearance of the car and absence of right hand drive alternative. With a great look, the GLG is expected to get back the missing position in the section of famous crossover. This car is going to get a platform similar to the latest Mercedes A-class.

Before launching G-wagen, Mercedes is setting up plans to come up with two different crossovers derived from the latest A-class folks which are mini-G and Codenamed X156. These are expected to come up in 2014. These can be called as perfect road biased GLA car crossovers and are based on the novel A-class folks.
The mini-G has been given some similar specification as given to the unique G-wagen.  Similar to G-wagen, the mini-G is given a taller and more standing posture. Its visual links also have similarity with G-wagen. The top is going to be long and virtually horizontal that goes at the back of it to the erect rear door. It is given geometric and butch appearance attached to the slab-sided part of the car.

The car is given box shape which makes is spacious from the interior and give it an exceptionally good look. Hence increases the hopes of Mercedes. Additionally, it is expected that the car will be given other G series features. It may be given complete resistance flooring, circular headlamps, front division top indictors, boxed off rear lights incorporated in the back bumper and outside extra wheel mounted on an asymmetric hauler. Nevertheless, you can experience exceptionally great aerodynamics used which is better than the barn-door G-series.

It is a substitute for German Land Rover Defender which is a hard-hitting all-territory car that has been in creation for the last many decades and possesses authentic off-road capability, as well as armed credentials.

Though it is true that the monster G55 AMG version is always going to grab attention of most of the customers, the G-wagen is torque rich and given a much suited look as compare to other version of G series.


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