Mercedes E Superlight (2015)


Mercedes is giving the Audi E-tron and BMW a run for their money with the new E Superlight. Size wise you can expect it to be similar to the CLS. However, the price range is expected to be in the S-class range. When it comes to the design it is said to be a mixture between the F800 and the F125.
The E Superlight is a four door notchback that is what we can expect for the next generation E-class. This particular model is what the brand values. Based on what we have been told by sources. This model will have a start of the art door concept which will also have short rear pantograph panels that swing out and then back. Even though the suicide doors are enough to catch the attention of many drivers, Mercedes will even be taking this car up to the next level by having a carbon fiber architecture that works without aluminum chassis. Not only does this make things simpler but it also reduces the costs as well as decreases the weight. Mercedes is also considering making this model into a conventional petrol or diesel engine model in the future. There are also rumors spreading about a plug in hybrid application being available in the future also.
What to Expect:
We still do not know the exact date as to when this beauty will be complete but we do know that it is expected to commence in late 2015. By then Mercedes will have made most drivers dream cars and have plenty experience when it comes to the surprises that they have in store. By 2017, they are expecting to have 20,000 E Superlight units available which is very remarkable.
Aside from the engineering issues the main versions are expected to have a hydrogen infrastructure. However, there are some disagreements taking place in this department at the moment.


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