Mercedes E-class: the facelift coming to Detroit 2013


Mercedes E-class: the facelift coming to Detroit 2013
One of the most reliable and luxurious cars that are on sale is the Mercedes-Benz. It is one of the most finely engineered cars available in the market today. Benz E-class is one of the popular models that have been produced by this company till date. It carries the German tradition of performance and reliability with it. The Mercedes E-class no more has that prim and boxy look. The present model is full of cutting edge luxurious features. This promotes it to be used as a both executive vehicle and family car. The boxy shape of the car has transformed into an efficient and aerodynamic body. It has many features that cars from other auto makers lack. These include Attention Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping assist. The E-class has become a favorite for the Mercedes lovers all over the world. It is a perfect combination of engineering, art and practicality. The E-class has every feature that suits the requirements of the modern customers to the fullest. It has all the features that a modern should possess. It performs according to the specifications set by Mercedes-Benz. The car is very reliable. The car gives its best performance whether it is brought new or used.

It also has some enhanced features like night assistant to draw your attention towards wild animals crossing the road or pedestrians. The intelligent lane assistant prevents any kind of collision from the coming traffic. The graphics of the vehicle is state of the art. The magic control helps the black box adjust accordingly. For this it employs a camera.

The new Mercedes E-class will have a 1.6 liter four pot. The emission statistics of this new vehicle will be pious. It has given an aggressive body kit so that its on road presence can be felt. The engine power is 537 bhp.


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