Mercedes E-Class Seen Testing


The latest spy shots of the Mercedes E-class in testing look very much like a C63 AMG. The test car has the wide fenders of this car as well as camouflage in places that you would expect to be changed in this model if they were going to make it more powerful. However, the spy photographers that took the pictures think that it is all there to fool people. .They think that the C-class car is a test mule for the next E-class car.
They base this information on the fact that the next E-class will be sharing the same platform as the C-class. This means that they can make a mock up of the new E-class to send out testing with just a bit of disguise. The wide fenders are very easy to see, but there is added length which is harder to spot. Looking at the car in profile view, you can see that the bonnet is longer and the space between the front door and wheel well is also bigger than the C-class.
There have been rumours that the E-class will be launched in 2016 which might be at the same time as the inline six engine that has also been rumoured about. This could mean that the prototype will be an easy one for Mercedes. It is expected that there will be wagon, convertible coupe and sedan versions of this car available to buyers, but Mercedes have not confirmed any of this information, it is just speculation at the moment.


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