Mercedes E-class Getting An Early Facelift


The brand new Mercedes E-Class that is expected to get a facelift in 2014 is out in early prototypes that are easily showcasing the mid-cycle upgrades that comes as somewhat of a shock.
The dense camouflage on the front end of it suggests that the fascia is getting quite a heavy update. The headlights, grille, and bumper have all been dramatically restyled. The rumors are coming out that this style could be partly inspired by the new generation A-Class coming out.

The rear, though, is a different story. The spies have caught bare prototypes in both sedan and estate form, and both don’t have anything to protect their rear-end style from people looking at them. Basically, the styling will look a lot different, but it may be more likely that the prototypes will not yet sport the changes.

The technical upgrades are also open to interpretation, but there are new rumors to be posted over the webosphere for all to see.


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