Mercedes E Class Estate and Its Camouflaged Features


car spy photos Mercedes E Class 2016

After Mercedes released the E Class Sedan, it decided to present the Estate version, which is getting the last strokes before being presented to the public. The other days, the version was seen by spies who had time to take the pictures of the T-Modell.

On the car spy photos Mercedes E Class 2016 it is noticeable that the new E model carries a lot of similar features from the C. Therefore, the two versions will have almost the same design. This fact might be taken by customers differently. Some of them will not care about the obvious similarities, while the others will be upset and expect something new and original due to the price differences.

This week, it became known that the All-Terrain E Class was green-lighted and will become a rival of Audi A6. Also, there will be an enhanced suspension, firm body applying the plastic covering of the body, and the 4MATIC. The same changes might be done to the C Class Estate making it the rival to Audi A4.

The E Class is expected in June after the release of the derivative All-Terrain. Both of the automobiles will be available for purchase in the end of this year. Before that, the long wheelbase of the E Class will be presented in China in April. Later, the cabriolet and coupe versions will appear, as well as the more luxurious version.


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