Mercedes E Class Coupe 2017 Appeared in a Spy Video


car spy photos Mercedes E Class Coupe 2017

This week car spy photos Mercedes E Class Coupe 2017 were released by spies who saw the car during the test drive.

The brand is trying to create new and unusual body styles for the upcoming sedan. One of them will be the efficient wagon named S213, which is supposed to premiere in the following few months. Later, the Coupe E Class will appear. During the test drive the model wore a camouflage that hid the body. However, the smooth silhouette of the car is pretty noticeable.

Most obvious, the upcoming model will have a lot in common in the outside design with the C Class. The fans, who would like to get an E Class with more aggressive look, should wait for the AMG option that will be out about a year after the regular model.

Some time ago, the company admitted that it would not be right not to have a top option of the current E Class and Cabriolet. The automobiles will be working on modernized option of the 4 liter motor biturbo that is rumored to have 580 units of horsepower.

The E Class will likely to be presented in the beginning of 2017, perhaps at the exhibition in Geneva. The wagon option will likely to premiere in October this year in Paris.


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