Mercedes E class and audi a4 spy photos high altitude testing


audi a4 spy photos

We thank Karl for his spy photos:

I managed to get some spy photos of various cars testing in the sierra nevada mountains yesterday – new audi a4 i guess and mercedes e class (2016 ? ) and some more interesting and camod cars (mini, merc van, bmw x1/x3 and audi newer models.

mersedes spy photos

A4 might have been a s4, because 4 tailpipes.
Also to note, there were lots of cars there that day – nissan with new qashqai, all of the audis, a8, a7, s4, q7 (lots of them). Bmws all ariund not camod. Merc busses and trucs also.
Also talked to the one of the merc e class drivers, they were also hot weather testing, 41c measured close to sierra nevada a day earlier.
Also some more photos:


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