Mercedes CLA Sedan Spotted in the Traffic By WCF Reader


Last week when a WCF reader was in the traffic on the Autobahn near Manheim in Germany, he has taken photos of Mercedes CLA 2013. The testing of the vehicle in the everyday routine surrounding with other vehicles makes the photos look very interesting. It is a good way of testing in the view of the size and features of the car.
This Mercedes CLA Sedan rode on the MFA platform which has the slender features which is mostly influenced by the CLS is what previewed by the Concept Style Coupe.
You can expect an option of diesel and petrol which has outputs of 109PS (80Kw/108hp) to 211 PS (155Kw/208hp) as the engine also has options from A- and B- class.
The CLA will be launched in the next year sometime which will be mostly built in Hungary and Kecskemet.


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