Mercedes CL (2014) – the full scoop story


The Mercedes CL is a compact executive car. It first version was introduced to the market in the year 1990. People thought that it will soon replace the 190 range of vehicles. When it was introduced into the market, it earned a nickname “Baby Benz.” The Mercedes CL is produced in various factories in the eastern part of the world. These include South Africa, East London, Sindelfingen and Bremen. This car is a base car in the United States of America. The vehicle has become popular for its performance, reliability and appearance. This small sedan has proved to be lot more than people expected.
This high class sedan has all the strengths of the Mercedes brand. It has all the high tech safety features. The performance of the car is extremely lively. This car is also liked by many people because it has great styles. It has many features that are found in a typical Benz produced big cars. If you have a look at the front and rear fascias of the car, you will have a feel that it belongs to the Mercedes family. Along with an extreme luxurious look, it has all the technological additions. It can be regarded as the most sporting car that has been shaped using the German technology. This amazing car possesses four different trim levels. Both the sport and luxury versions of the car has the same type of engines. The engine that is used is of 2.0 liter V6 type. The engine is capable of producing 228 horsepower. The torque produced is 258 pound feet. People who will buy this vehicle will have the option to choose only one type of transmission. The vehicle has seven speed auto transmission choice. This choice is independent of the level of trim you choose for the vehicle.


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