Mercedes C63 AMG Pictured in Sweden


There have been rumours about the new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with regards to the new engine. It is expected that it will be twin turbocharged with a 4.0 litre V8 engine. This is expected to reach 450-500 horsepower. However, the looks of the car have been kept secret, until now. The car has been seen testing in Sweden in the cold.
It seems like the changes will be minimal. There is a lot of disguise on the car which means that it is not easy to make out many details. However, it can be seen that the front air dam is much bigger. On the back there are four exhaust outlets in the diffuser. The boot also seems to have a lip spoiler. It does look like the ride height might be a bit lower as well, but that would be expected in a AMG model. There are few other changes, although these may be still to come.
There are still some big questions to be answered about this care such as whether it will keep the C63 name or change it in line with the smaller engine size. It is expected that this will be revealed by the beginning of 2015 but no official dates have been released.


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