Mercedes C Class Pictured


The next generation Mercedes-Benz c Class is a long way off, but it has been spotted recently. It is expected that it will not be seen until 2014 at the Detroit Auto show in January but a prototype has been seen. The car looks very similar to the E-class and S-class especially noticeable from the vertical tail lamps.
It is expected that the car will come with a number of engine options includieng hybrid, diesel and petrol and a choice of body styles such as a Coupe and Sedan. The CLA-Class will be the new entry class car and so the c-Class will be the next step up, rather than itself being the entry class car, which it has been in the past.
It seems like Mercedes-Benz are eager to get the car ready with the US CEO, Steve Cannon explaining this in a report in Automotive News. It is therefore likely that we will be seeing quite a few test shots of the car as they get it all ready for January.


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